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President : Dick  Smalley



Treasurer : Bill Hyde    -    Publicity Officer : Ros Smalley       --                   Property Officer : Keith Cooper  



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Eb Bass

Larry Foulger
Bb Bass

Position Vacant

David Kindness
Flugel Horn

EB Bass

BBb Bass

Claire Smith
3rd Cornet

Shane Urquhart
Flugel Horn


Ros Smaley

John Moore
Repiano Cornet

Peter Berry
2nd Trombone

Bill Hyde
Bass Trombone

Garry Threadingham
1st Trombone

Julie Willans
1st Trombone

Bob Hunter
2nd Trombone

Lyle Pratt
2nd Tenor Horn

Roy Fixter
1st Tenor Horn

Janice Banner
Solo Tenor Horn

Darrell Fitzgerald
Solo Cornet

Graham Drane
Solo Cornet

Jeff Herbert
Principal Cornet

Ross Gilbert
Musical Director

Doug Hastie
1st Baritone

Robyn Vahry
2nd Baritone

Dick Smalley
1st Baritone


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Ye Olde Brass Band

Music for Every-ones' Pleasure

Recognized for community service during the International Year of the Volunteers


Recipients of the Prime Ministers' award for service to the community


RSL Memorial Band Redcliffe Inc


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Gordon Thompson
Repiano Cornet

Kerod Atfield

Eb Bass

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Ross Allen

Alan Beris

Vice President : Doug Hastie

Secretary : Garry Threadingham

Committee:   Peter Berry

Liasson Officer : Doug Hastie

Keith Cooper
3rd Cornet

2nd Cornet

Alan Lanham
Solo Cornet

John Rees
Solo Cornet

Dennis Whittaker

Maurice Bull
 Euphonium / Deputy  MD

Members Photos

Members Photos

Ken Bamford
Reserve 1st Trombone

Capt Doug Hocking
2005 - 2008

Russ Cloghan
1980 - 1995

Jim Hartingdon
1995 - 2005

Richard Joseph Smalley

23/09/1927 -        

Began playing at the age of 8. In 1946 I joined the army and did a tour of duty in Japan. I was posted to the 67th Battalion where-upon I joined the Army Band.

Warrnambool City Band:  1950 -1991 Vice President for 2 years, President for 12 years. Delegate to the Victorian Band League for four years. Received the Badge of Merit for 10 years service and the Badge of Honour from the VBL for 20 years service.

Regularly played baritone for the Port Fairy Citizens Brass Band Victoria.

In 2006, received a 25 year National Band Council of Australia service medal. In 2008 received the 50 year Victorian Band League Medal for services to the banding world.

Redcliffe RSL and Municipal Brass Band: 1992 (now defunct)

Ye Olde Brass Band: 1992 - Playing baritone. Was made a life member in 2000.

Pine Rivers Brass Band: 2003 -


                               Jeff Herbert

Banding History:

Began playing in 1936 with the Maryborough Boys Band: Cornet.

Brisbane Excelsior:

    Over 60 years service to this band as Principal cornet and gradually moving down the line.

Windsor Brass:

   Solo Cornet - after leaving the Excelsior Band, joined up with the fledgling second band associated with the Excelsior Band.

Northern Command Band:

    Principal Cornet with 16 years service.

Queensland Concert Band:

    Principal Cornet.

Ye Olde Brass:

    Principal Cornet for over 20 years


Ross James Gilbert

Began playing at an early age with the Salvation Army City Temple Junior Band :

Police Citizens Youth Club Band:   1955 - 1963

   Solo cornet:

5th Field Royal Australian Band:   1963 - 1967

   Solo Cornet - the last two years as Principal Solo Cornet

Did not play again until 2000

Pine Rivers Municipal Brass Band:  2000 -

   Repiano Cornet, Soprano Cornet

Ye Olde Brass Band:   2000 -

   Repiano Cornet, Solo Cornet and Soprano Cornet:

   Musical Director since 2008


Shane Urquhart

Born and bred in Charters Towers, North Queensland.

Married with a daughter a member of the Royal Australian Navy Band, Sydney.

Father and uncles were bandsmen.

Banding History:

Began aged 10 with the Charters Towers Excelsior Juniors.

Charters Towers Excelsior:   2nd, Repiano and Solo cornet, Flugel, Tenor Horn and Euphonium.


Townsville Railway Institute and Concert Band:   Soprano Cornet

Townsville Youth Orchestra:   French Horn

Blackwater Citizens and Youth Band:  

 Founding President and player.

Capricornia Silver Band:    2nd Cornet.


Brisbane Brass:     2nd Cornet.


Ye Olde Brass:     Flugel Horn, Soprano Cornet



                                 Janice Banner

Married with a daughter a member of Windsor Brass.

Banding History:

Began playing in 1995 with the Redciffe RSL Municipal Brass Band:

    Tenor Horn

Ye Olde Brass:

   Flugel Horn


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