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The Beginnings

In 1980, seven idle musicians who had retired from professional life, gathered to discuss what they could do with their spare time. They came up with the idea of forming a musical group that would appease their desire to continue playing an instrument and also to provide entertainment to the aged community of Redcliffe.

These ambitious men were - Russ Cloghan (Musical Director), Ernie Ashton, Len Bierton, Dave Rudiman, Syd Little, Sam Hook and Ted Jackson.


 Little did these musicians imagine as to what magnitude their idea would grow.

 Sam Hook organized the band with the idea being:-

          Continuation of brass instrument playing at an age when most people have given it up.

          To provide entertainment for the elderly in Senior Citizens Clubs, Pensioners League branches and Old Peoples           Nursing Homes etc. Also concerts at charitable fund raising functions. They began with borrowed instruments but           were   able to purchase their own instruments with generous funding from the following organizations:

The first rehearsals were held in the rumpus room of the home belonging to Syd and Dulcie Little.

From 1981 and until 2000, rehearsals were held in the Redcliffe - Scarborough Pensioners Leagues Branch hall. This was a big factor in Ye Olde Brass becoming such a stable and reliable group and to which members are very grateful.

Since 2000 and up to the present, rehearsals have been held in the Lions Community Hall, Morris Road Rothwell.

Under the baton of Mr Jim Hartingdon (1995-2005), (see Meet the Band page for more information on Jim Hartingdon), the band rapidly grew in numbers and improved in the standard of music that they could present to the public. Upon his retirement, Capt Doug Hocking and Mr Graham Drane took over the reins as musical director and co-musical director. (see Meet the Band page for more information on Doug Hocking and Graham Drane).

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